The Mad Minnow Bar and Kitchen Harwich Port Restaurant- Cape Cod

Below you will see a large variety of plates, many that will be your favorites, some we hope you return for, and others offering a new taste to try. Join our Executive Chef, Adam d'Auteuil, and sous Chef Ryan Flood this fall for a bite to eat!



Deviled Eggs- good ole summer eggs, shaved cucumber $8

Chowdah Arancini- Cape chowder and quahogs, fritter style $11

Fall Gnocchi- braised beef short rib, potato gnocchi, shallot rosemary crema Brussel sprout leaves $16

"Chicken-Fried" Calamari- Point Judith calamari, lemon poblano ranch, backyard herb marinara and pickled vegetables $14

Ry's Ribs- jerk rubbed and beer braised baby backs, slaw, street corn potato salad $12

Tuna Cannoli- Ahi tuna tartare, Yuzu citrus, Siracha aioli, sweet soy, wasabi crema $18

Mussels a l’Auguste- Cape mussels, Dijon chardonnay broth, grilled bread $18

Garden Risotto- roasted Fall root veg, whipped Parmigiano, crispy sage $15

Poutine- skinny fries, house gravy, cheese curd $11 (add lobster +11, add Taylor ham +5, add braised short rib +10)

House Corn Dogs- Pearl dogs, Minnow beer batter, Mad mustard, Sriracha ketchup $9

Crab Cake "Tater Tots"- spicy Old Bay spread, house pickle salsa $14

Korean Lobster Rangoons- Pajori salad, Gochujang hoisin sauce $15

Calamari Puttanesca- sautéed Judith point calamari, tomatoes, capers, olives $15

Clam Chowder- classic Cape Cod chowder $8

Fall Bisque- roasted and spun squash, parsnips, turnips, apples, honey crema, Brussel sprout leaves $11

~ Opt to add: scallops $11, Murray's Free Range grilled chicken $7, Shrimp $10, Peppercorn seared Ahi Tuna $11 ~

Local Lettuces- lemon honey dress, Vidalia, backyard tomato, cucumber $9

Julius- grilled romaine, Parmigiano dress, house crouton, whipped farm egg $13


~All sandwiches served with fries/ baked beans/ street corn potato salad~
*gluten free buns available*

Old World Bolognese- rigatoni pasta, classic sauce, Parmigiano Reggiano $22

Fish in paper- french classic, summer season veg, beurre limon, aromatics, new potatoes $25

Short rib & Irish waffles- Dr. Pepper braised beef short ribs, blue cheese sage crema, Colcannon mashed sweet potato waffles, braising jus $27

Cottage Pie- celery, carrots, onions, beef, Yukon gold potato cake, deconstructed style $19

Buttermilk Scallops- flash fried local scallops, skinny fries and slaw $26

Cape Cioppino- local catch and shellfish, tomato saffron broth, Yukon gold potato $29

Fish and Chips- 1/2 pound filet, Mad Minnow Summer Ale batter, pickle relish, herbed Yukon gold potato, scratch tartar $21

Chicken & Waffles- down home buttermilk fried chicken, house waffles, scratch gravy $17

"Lobster Mac"- orzo pasta, lobster meat, cheddar fondue, herb crumble, whipped Parmigiano $30

Scallops & Gnocchi- local diver scallops, truffled potato gnocchi, smoked lemon beurre blanc, Stag's Leap Cabernet reduction $33

Houston ribs- BBQ & Beer (GF) ribs, house fries, Boston baked beans, Sriracha aioli $22

Burger- Kansas beef, Cape Cod "Catsup", brioche, Vermont cheddar, backyard lettuce $14 (make it white bean veggie burger for the same cost)

Lobster Roll- Amish butter poached lobster, brioche, simplicity, hot or cold $MP

Filet o' Fish Sandwich- cornflake and herb crusted flaky fish, house tartar sauce $15

Pulled Chicken Sandwich- Carolina BBQ braised chicken, summer slaw, pickles $13

Scallop Roll- sautéed and seasoned scallops, lemon vin, chimichurri, greens $22

Vacation Burger- Wagyu beef, Amish butter poached lobster, crispy shallots, brioche, truffled Vermont cheddar, frisee $24

Grilled Cheese and Fries- $9

Mac and Cheese- $9

Chicken Tenders and Fries- $9

Stadium Hot Dog and Fries- $9

Spanish Poutine with Fried Egg & Hollandaise- Canadian original, Spanish twist, skinny fries, scratch gravy, cheese fried egg, harissa, hollandaise $15

Lobster Biscuit Benny- Amish butter poached lobster, grilled biscuits, hollandaise, poached egg $24

Mama's Avocado Toast- Avocado, whipped goat cheese, spiced honey, sourdough $13

Good Morning Burger- Kansas beef, Vermont cheddar, jumbo English muffin, fried egg, bacon, secret sauce $16

Breakfast Chowder Croquettes- Classic Cape chowder, fritter style, bacon, greens $11

Veggie Scramble- Local veggies, farm fresh scrambled eggs, toast $13

Biscuits, Chicken and Irish Gravy- Fresh biscuits, herbed potato, pulled chicken, scratch gravy, an afternoon nap $15

Crab Cake Smash- Crab cake hash browns over greens and remoulade- $16

Bird's Nest BLT- A hole in one style sandwich, Vermont cheddar, hickory bacon, tomato, poached egg, hollandaise- $15

Down South Waffles- Madagascar cake waffles, Devil's Purse beer braised chicken, scratch gravy, butter aioli- $17

Bacon, Eggs and Potato- Classic set $10